Well, I give to you one of my all-time favorite comedies.

Drum Roll please, it is the Wedding Crashers. There is something to be said for the way Rachel McAdams performs in this movie to go along with funny and true “wedding crashers”. I don’t think you can have a conversation with someone now a days without them quoting something from this movie. The main acting jobs are played by Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, who are part owners of a divorce law firm in the Washington DC region.

The movie starts out just the way you would think it would… with a bunch of scenes with the guys crashing weddings. Who would have thought given the title that is how it would start out. Eventually the movie builds up to the big wedding heard around the world!  A former government official big shot is having a wedding for his daughter at well-established wedding venue.  The drama and lead up is killing you, isn’t it?

John and Jeremy played by the aforementioned Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn decide to take their typical approach and crash this high profile wedding. Something changes this time as John, played by Owen starts to fall in love for a girl by the name of Claire – Rachel McAdams.  Eventually invited to the wedding after party, to dismay by Jeremy, the boys decide to attend.

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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2

So, I saw Mockingjay Part 2 last night, and it was AWESOME!

The action scenes are riveting.  At one point, I almost peed myself!  You’ll know which scene I am talking about when you see it.  You’re like “I know something bad is about to happen…. AHHH!!”  and then… BAM, pee.  There are people that die in the end that make the whole series pretty much useless, but the end result is what everyone had hoped for. Depending on whether you like the predictable ending in a movie, will go along way in deciding if you like this.

If you haven’t seen it yet, quit reading here because I might spoil your movie experience.  (and nobody wants that, right?)
So, Jennifer Lawrence once again plays Katniss, the “Mockingjay,” or the face of the war between the capital and its surrounding districts.  Katniss has been given the job of going to the districts and using her pull to change the capital loyalists over to the rebellion.  She once again takes other’s emotions into consideration like in the other movies.  I think a lot of the film this time is lead by her emotions. She acts very similar in this one, as she did in the previous three movies.

You know what… I don’t want to ruin the film for everyone, so I am going to just tell you my thoughts instead of a brief overview.

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The Hunger Games

With the new Hunger Games Trilogy movie making its debut this weekend, I decided that I would re-watch the original Hunger Games to prepare for the last movie. With me?

  • As we all know, the Hunger Games is based off the novels written by Suzanne Collins.

These books are labeled “young adult books” even though kids are killing other kids in cold blood while people watch and bet on them like they are at the horse races.  This does sort of compare to the old literature “Lord of the Flies,” where the group of boys are left on an island and their environment corrupts them to become savages.  But, seriously, talk about exposing your kids to violence!  Let’s have our 12 year old read this lovely book about mass violence for fun!

So, let’s talk about the movie.  Jennifer Lawrence is the star of this violent massacre.  She lives in a place called Panem, which is composed of the capital and 12 districts.  As you get farther away from the capital and higher in number, the districts get poorer.  Lawrence, or Katniss, lives in the most poverty stricken district (So bad that she has to hunt for squirrel to eat, UGH).  The main idea of the movie is that, as a punishment for their revolt, the government holds a tournament, where a boy and a girl ages 12-18 are selected to compete from each district.  The tournament is a battle to the death.  One child will come out alive.  (Seriously, I’m not kidding, this book is labeled as a young adult book!)

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So, I got a request from some plumber out there to review the movie Home Alone.  I knew it wasn’t going to be long before someone requested this one!  Now, who hasn’t seen this movie, right? And the fact that the burglars call themselves the “wet bandits” makes it even funnier that a plumber would even like this movie… I mean come on; they leave the sinks running for Pete’s sake.  But, a big THANK YOU to Pittsburgh Plumbers for following my website.  Remember to MESSAGE ME with your particular choice of movie you want reviewed. Hopefully, you will see your article review on here in no time!

So, Home Alone is one of the most well-known movies out there.  If you have not seen it, my question to you is… HAVE YOU BEEN LIVING UNDERNEATH A ROCK YOUR WHOLE LIFE?  Macaulay Culkin plays a child who is accidentally left home alone (duh) after his family leaves for the holidays for a trip to Paris.  With all of the kids and relatives that are tagging along, it could be seen why it was so easy to forget one more, but the fact that these parents had no idea that one of their kids was missing, let alone one of the kids not noticing is a bit of a stretch.  Am I right?! Worst parent award goes to YOU!  So, the parents are stuck in Paris for two days before they are able to get a flight back to get the kid.  Just maybe, the parents were trying to buy a little time in France to enjoy themselves? Nope, I am totally kidding with that comment people.

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With the holidays coming up, you know us girls love to watch those lovey, sappy movies about women finding the man they love during Christmas or perhaps whatever your religious holiday is (not looking to offend anyone).  The Holiday starring Jude Law, Cameron Diaz, Jack Black, and Kate Winslet is one of the best holiday movies in my opinion.  Now, I know you may be looking at this saying what about the Home Alone series!  But sorry, The Holiday is the epitome of the holiday season chick flick.  I seriously could watch it a million times and still get a smile on my face. Who doesn’t love being in love?!  I mean, I have been in love with pizza for most of my life, and it is a WONDERFUL feeling!

The movie starts out focusing on Diaz, the businesswoman who owns her own movie trailer producing company and Winslet, the meek wedding columnist.  Winslet is from England while Diaz is from LA.   The two women have horrible love lives.  WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT?! Diaz is unable to show emotion and her live-in boyfriend ends up cheating on her with his secretary.  CLICHÉ, RIGHT?! Winslet has been in love with the same man for three years.  He then gets engaged to another woman, while stringing Winslet along.  I can guarantee most of you reading this right now can step into her shoes and know what that feels like. Am I right?

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Trainwreck is what I would consider a “romantic comedy” starring Amy Schumer and Bill Hader.  The movie has some other stars that make an appearance like John Cena and LeBron James.  Check out the preview here.The beginning of the movie shows two daughters whose father is explaining to them that he is divorcing their mother.  The movie basically follows the life of Amy Schumer who is a “playa-playa.”  She sleeps with different men every night and then never speaks to them again, like come on.  John Cena plays the role of the reoccurring “boyfriend” who is blind to Amy’s ways and believes he will marry her.  After he finds out about her sexual adventures with multiple men, he breaks up with her, no surprise there right? You could see this one coming from a mile away folks. Some movies are just too predictable.

Amy then gets an assignment from her magazine company to interview a well-known sports surgeon who does work on all of the major athletes.  Sweet job I would like to have one day right?  They end up falling in love, but have a rocky relationship due to Amy’s drinking, drug use, and sexual ways.  Go figure, famous doctor falls in love with a drug addict and fights ensue? Once again, the producers of this movie make this way to easy to see.

Amy’s sister is the complete opposite and arguably better looking than her suppose younger sister.  She is married and has a stepson who Amy finds awkward and weird. For the love of god, watch how they interact and tell me it isn’t funny folks.  Her sister becomes pregnant about halfway through the movie with the nerdy guy from down the street.  Amy is influenced by her sister to have a more “normal” relationship.  Whatever normal is I suppose, who is to say what a normal relationship looks like? Certainly not this chick.  It is the stepson at the end that makes Amy go back to the doctor after he breaks up with her because of her issues with all the aforementioned issues.

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Hey all! Welcome to my site, DVD-today!  I am OBSESSED with movies and wanted to let everyone in on my thoughts and feelings about the movies I watch.  Here, I will be reviewing the ups and the downs of today and yesterday’s most popular movies.

So, you are thinking, why should I take my time to read your opinion, right?!  Well, I always aspired to be a critic for a major newspaper.  I hope to make each review interesting and provide the most detail possible, so you don’t end up watching some CRAPPY movie you turn off after the first 10 minutes.  We all know how that goes, am I right?!

Please feel free to leave comments on movies you would like reviewed or if you feel like I am totally wrong and that movie I said was awesome is complete garbage :/  After all, I hope that my site will lead you to get the best movie experience that you can buy.  Feel free to Click Here for the best place to buy and sell your DVD’s.  There is no need to leave that rubbish you watched last week sit on your TV stand any longer.  Sell that sucker and buy a better one!

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